Fertility clinic

After all the tests were completed I was referred by my GP to the fertility clinic. We recieved the appointment very quickly.

Here is how it went……

We arrived at the clinic and checked in, we were given some forms to fill out while we waited, one consisted of details like GP address, home address, next of kin details and so on, the other form was health questions including a brief family history. These were filled in and handed back to the receptionist and put into our file.

After waiting around 20 minutes I was called in by a nurse and had my height and weight taken also the details of my menstrual cycle were noted down, I was then asked to take a seat again.

Then another wait of around an hour (it was really busy in the clinic and they were running behind). We were eventually called in to see the doctor. After we got the basic questions out of the way we had an in depth discussion about our fertility problems, then we were given our options, because of our problems we were advised that full IVF would be our only way forward, she then asked us to do some additional blood tests, these were to check for HIV and hepatitis and to check for other problems, while we were waiting we had to fill out and sign consent forms, these forms are standard for IVF, the first form was a ‘Welfare of the child’ form, it asks questions like ‘do you have a history of drug or alchohol abuse?’ And ‘do you have any previous convictions relating to child abuse?’ It looks like this,

The other form was ‘your consent to disclosing identifying information’ this form is basically there so that the clinic can share your information with the relevant bodies, also for research purposes to be able to improve future IVF. It looks like this,

After these forms were filled in and the blood taken for the tests, the doctor called us back in to inform us that at the moment she can not apply for funding for us as my BMI was too high, I needed to have a BMI below 30 and mine was 32, so I was to loose some weight and then be referred back to the clinic. It was a bit of a blow but I was determined! So I did what was asked and went through this whole process again. My BMI is getting lower all the time now, it’s currently at 27 but I’m still reducing it.

On our next visit after going through all the above again we were advised by the doctor that due to Jonathan’s conditions potentially being hereditary we would need to see a geneticist, it would delay our process by a few weeks but if it is found that his condition is hereditary she can apply for additional funding for our treatment. We agreed straight away.

That’s it for now, it’s Christmas this week so happy holidays to you all and enjoy!

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