Finally after a wait of a couple of weeks my appointment came through for my transvaginal ultrasound.

As I’ve never been through anything like this before I assumed that the ultrasound would be similar to the one you have when you are pregnant, you know the one, gel on the belly, then the wand swiped over your tummy and the picture on a little screen……

But nope, here is how it went…

First I was shown into a darkened room and asked to strip my clothing off from the lower half of my body (cue the confused look).

The sonogropher then asked me to take a seat on the chair (it’s a weird looking chair with stirrups), the chair was then leaned back, my legs put into the stirrups and a cover put over my lower half.

Now comes the fun part…….

The sonogropher pulled over the screen and the from the side pulled out what I can only describe as an alien probe. It’s a wand like thing and it’s around a foot long and quite thin. Below is a photo similar to the one used on me.

When I saw that I nearly passed out!

The sonogroher then explained how the ultrasound works. After checking that I understood, she asked me to relax (which is a little difficult with your legs suspended and all your bits on show) and began.

So the probe is lubricated and inserted, a little uncomfortable but manageable, then she moves the probe around a little to try and get a clear picture on the screen, she checked the left side and then the right, after what felt like hours (but was only minutes) the sonogropher said she was having a little difficulty seeing a clear image, she then asked me to put my hands flat on my stomach and push, I did this and she said she had a much clearer image.

After a little more probing the wand was removed and I was told I could get dressed. Once dressed the sonogropher asked me to sit down (in a normal chair this time) and explained that my ultrasound was normal from what she could see and everything was fine, the results would be sent to my GP. I would need to book a new appointment with my GP and take it from there.

Next was the HSG….

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